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Best Travel Gear for Family Travels

Gearing up for a trip - here are our favorite travel items

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Deciding what to bring on a weekend vacation or a trip around the world can be daunting. So we listed our favorite travel gear - including beach travel gear and kids travel gear!

Best Family Travel Gear

  • Packing Cubes:   We love these Eagle Creek Pack It System cubes because they are incredibly light weight (they feel like air) and super durable. 
  • Stroller:  We literally purchased about a dozen lightweight strollers before we took off on our travels. And tested them around the house.  We finally settled on this single Zoe Stroller and haven't looked back. It's super lightweight, durable, has a basket and amazing sunshade and comes with a really nice backpack/carrier (although the zipper on that could use an upgrade).  When both kids are tired of walking or we need to get somewhere, sit one kid on top of the other and off we go!
  • IDs:  In most of our pictures, you'll see our kids wearing necklaces and we often get asked about them (us adults have them too - bracelet & anklet style).  They contain emergency contact information and such on them. We also get ours from Road ID.
  • Luggage:  We seem to go between Eagle Creek, High Sierra & REI. 
  • Medical Kit:  We've piecemealed a few things together, but our main kit is this Medical Kit for Travel.  However, we use this day trip medical kit when we are taking adventurous day trips.
  • Laundry Detergent:  It's a pain to travel with soap & laundry detergent. Most places will give you at least a starter packet. But we are picky and we love traveling with Soap Nuts (aka Soap Berries). They are super lightweight and about 5 soap nuts will last you through about 5 you don't need to carry many of them. Use them over and over again. They are lifesavers and nontoxic!  Here is one of the brands we use, but Yoreganics also has nice soap nuts.
  • Deodorant:  You're welcome. We included this because we have a love for non toxic products and this is hands down the number one deodorant that I recommend that seems to work on 95% of all men and women:  Primal Pit Paste  (the name is pretty stellar too!).
  • Cameras:  We have tried a LOT of cameras. From DSLRs (we love them, but they are too bulky and become more of a nuisance for us, we aren't professional photographers afterall).  This is the one that we take most of our pictures with (Sony DSCWX220). I wish it shot a little faster, but than again, I'm happy that it is small, lightweight and takes high quality photos. We've also tried a lot of underwater cameras, but this underwater camera (Olympus Tough TG-870) has held up best - and we are in the water a lot!
  • Baby Carrier:  This Boba Air is the easiest, most packable baby carrier we've used. It's not super padded or supportive, but it's great for on the go and you never think twice about packing it. 

Beach Trip Gear

  • Best Travel Kids Shoes:  These Native Kids Shoes (we love the "Jefferson") are seriously amazing and they hold up sooooo well. I mean, these things are indestructable.  Of course they are great for in and out of water. They dry quickly. And admittedly, we've even paired them with socks in the cold weather.
  • Water & Gym Shoes for Travel:  Michelle recently found these gems (Sperry's) - she uses them in the gym (the rare times we have one), on walks and when she needs water shoes. With or without socks, they are been a spacesaver. And they are super lightweight and comfy.  (However ,we would not suggest for true runners.)
  • Best Snorkel Masks for Kids & Adults:  The full face ones.  Just check out the pictures on our Facebook or Instagram pages - we have our 2 year old and 4 year old snorkeling with ease, thanks to these!  They are sooo much easier than regular snorkel masks!  We have a variety of brands - you can find them on Amazon or on Ten Bay (under beach gear)
  • SPF Hats:  It's essential for any fun in the sun. We get so much use out of these, it's ridiculous. I love these types of SPF hats because the tie underneath the chin (essential for windy days or being out on a boat) and they have any adjustable head strap, which makes the hat last for years as they grow!  For non windy days, I love this type of hat to cover down the neck. 

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