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Family Travel in Grand Cayman

What to See & Do with Kids in Tow!

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We visited Grand Cayman for one month, mid October - mid November, staying out on Rum Point, which we found to be a great choice for families. It's less crowded, but still a lot to do.

Interesting Tidbits:

  • Currency is Cayman Dollar, but everywhere accepts US Dollars as well. 
  • They actually have good grocery stores (this seems to be a rarity for us when traveling). Our favorites were Bayside Market (at Camana Bay) and Hurley's.  Both had decent organic options.  
  • Roads are good and everything seems quite clean here. 
  • Lionfish are harmful to the reef systems, yet they multiple really easily- laying approximately 30k eggs every 5 days and they are able to eat up to 30x their stomach volume, therefore devastating the juvenile fish and reefs. Therefore, they make a good sustainable fish to eat. But to catch them, you need to spear them carefully, as their spines are poisonous.  We ate delicious Lionfish Tacos at Tukka Restaurant!  And one of the vendors at the Wednesday Farmer's Market at Camana Bay (called Mermaid's Touch) sells jewelry made with lionfish fins - she catches them herself, eats the meat and uses the fins and scales for jewelry!  Mommy got herself a nice bracelet.


Check out our swims with Stingrays, our favorite eats & our Grand Cayman Adventures in this video:

Top Things to Do with Kids in Grand Cayman:

Pedro St James: Getting the history of a place, makes us appreciate & understand it more. We loved Pedro St James Castle for this reason. You start with a 'movie' production (it really is a well done production) to learn the history of the place and then can walk the grounds. Fortunately, we had a tour guide show us around a bit to get more of the history and she was full of fantastic information - and super entertaining! There is a small playground that the kids really enjoyed and lots of space to run.

Red Sail Sports: Located right a Rum Point, they have an awesome boat trip out to Stingray City and snorkeling at a reef. We thought it may be too touristy, but it ended up being one of our favorite experiences - definitely do that tour!! We also spent a morning with kayaks and the aqua trike and paddleboards from Red Sail Sports - super fun and you can go right out into the bay and clear waters! The aqua trike is a workout, but was fun for the kids and us to ride on!!

Sweet Spot Watersports: Located at Kaibo, we took their Eco Tour to Starfish Point and the Mangroves- you can choose to paddleboard or kayak! It was really interesting to hear about the Mangroves and paddle through them- super calm and serene! It's a bit of a hike to paddle out to Starfish Point, but fun and we loved seeing all the starfish and snorkeling! Remember: Don't lift the Starfish out of the water, it can kill them. We also did the Sweet Spot Bioluminescent Boat Tour -in the dark of the night, you take a boat out to see the starish, upside down jellyfish and then into the canals to see the bioluminescent waters glow! Be prepared to jump in and snorkel-it is really the only way to truly understand the bioluminescent glow ---it's spectacular!!

Wreck of 10 Sails: In 1794, ten British Ships wrecked on a reef off the East End in Grand Cayman. There is a walkway and momument to commemorate the fact that the local resisdents of the island went out to save the people in the wreck. They ended up saving about 450 people, one of them being the son of King George III. Legend has it that because of this rescue, Britain freed Cayman for ever having to pay tax.

Blowholes: As we pulled up here to park along the side of the road (careful - cars fly by), a local man came up to our window and introduced himself. Not sure what was going on, we went with it. He is the self-proclaimed tour guide for the blow holes. Just sets himself up there and gives tours for tips. He is funny and entertaining and full of interesting tidbits that we would have never known, had he not been there - so look for him and get out some tip money, it's worth it! There are fossils along the area that are pretty cool and the blowholes themselves are always interesting - careful not to get too will get wet!

Feeding the Frigate Birds on Friday evenings at Tukka Restaurant: We honestly weren't sure what to expect, but feeding these HUGE frigate birds that come to shore was so fun! Tukka sets it up nicely and gives them some fish scraps - you put on a glove and hold your hand up and the birds come swooping in before you even have a chance to grasp what is going on - they are massive, much larger than we anticipated. The atmosphere and food at Tukka is just perfect!

Extra Extra

  • Where We Stayed:  We stayed in Rum Point - at a group of houses called "Island Houses". They were great because they have huge screened-in porches and you walk out to sand and water - a canal that leads into the bioluminescent bay.  Plus you can walk to Rum Point and it's just a 5 minute drive to Kaibo & The Sweet Spot. 
  • Restaurants we ate at:  Tukka Restaurant (we tried so many "firsts here" - Lionfish, Kangaroo, Crocodile & Conch Fritters...and we fed the Frigate Birds; the atmosphere & views are perfect and all the food we tried was delicious...oh and the service was amazing);  Kurt's Korner (a little local place behind a liquor store that you probably would skip right past if you didn't know to go there- prices are great and portions were big and yummy);  Coccoloba (located at the new gorgeous resort, Seafire, it's right on the beach and really delicious, upscale Mexican street food. They juice their own juices- even to make their cocktails; the mudslide was also amazing!);  The Wreck Bar (located right at Rum Point, they have picnic tables in the sand with the water just steps away; the fish sandwiches we had were delivious thick cuts of fish)
  • Camana Bay: They have a nice little farmer's market on Wednesdays and a lot of events going on. Plus just a nice place to walk around - beautiful waterfront with fountains and a little 'beach' like area for the kids to play, shops, restaurants, etc.

  • Newspaper & TV Feature: We were in the local paper!! Cayman Compass   And on TV!! Cayman27

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Thank you to The Sweet Spot Cayman, Red Sail Sports, Pedro St James, Tukka Restaurant, Coccoloba Restaurant & Wreck Bar for sponsoring us! Of course, all opinions are our own..

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